Flavored Sea Salt Flakes

At Dash of Charm, we are pleased to introduce quality bath towels, beach towels, dish towels, dish cloths, oven mitts, pot holders, and more! So far, we've initially introduced gourmet, fresh, and flavored sea salt flakes! Our gourmet flavored flakes are a high-quality salt made from fresh ingredients. We offer a wide variety of home and kitchen items, and our customers come first.

What's Different About Our Flavored Sea Salt Flakes?

High-quality | Our high-quality salt has a crystal-like shape. It's a beautiful finish that can add to any delicious dish.

Affordable | We believe in high-quality products AND reasonable prices.

Health | Due to its quality nutrition, our sea salt flakes are healthier than ordinary salt.

Texture | Crunchy and flaky texture will make your mouth happy.

Fresh ingredients | These ingredients are sourced directly from our fruit or vegetable source. We believe in all-natural flavor profiles.

Gourmet Spices

We are pleased to introduce gourmet and fresh new spices! Our spices have arrived jus in time for Thanksgiving season! Our spices are from high-quality wholesalers, made from fresh ingredients. We offer a wide variety of spices, and our customers come first. Go ahead, enhance your food with our flavors, you'll love it! Don't forget to check out our holiday spice collection on the link below!